Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users and customers is very important to us. We take great care to maintain and protect all of our data.


We use cookies to allow the system to find candles lit previously and to help memorial administrators to login. We do not store personal data in cookies nor do we store order information in cookies.

Personal Information

We may collect physical addresses, email addresses, real names, phone numbers and any other personal information entered when a visitor lights a candle and chooses to include personal information either in the public or private text areas associated with a lighting a virtual candle as part of a memorial. This information is given in a free form fashion voluntarily by the visitor and is not requested specifically. We also collect information about the deceased who is being memorialized such as the name of the deceased and any other information the person creating the memorial wishes to include in the obituary or other fields. We also collect the email address of the person creating the memorial.

Credit Card Information

We use a 3rd party for all credit card processing. Our partner is We do not collect or ever even see credit card information. We do receive transactional information relating the the purchase such as name, address, phone, email and other related information entered by the customer during the purchasing process.

Liability and Ownership of Information

NMI Enterprises, LLC is not responsible for the actions, words, images or other information left by individuals as part of any memorial. We generally do not censor except when notified or when an extreme case is discovered by our own reading. Censorship is the sole responsibility of the creator of each memorial. All information gathered and presented on or via this site or any of the included memorials becomes, and is, the exclusive and sole property of NMI Enterprises, LLC.

We reserve the right to maintain all information as a company asset that may be leveraged in the future as ordered by the management.