Styles (Point at style name to view, click to select)
  (Depending on your connection speed, it may take several seconds for the images for each style to appear)

Select a style from above by clicking on the style name that represents your choice.
(Once a memorial is created, it is a simple matter to change its style at any time)

Not only is the style you select above used to create a Memorial Website, but it is also optionally used to create beautiful Memorial Cards, if ordered, that you can give to friends and family personally or that you can make available at the funeral or visitation. If you order Memorial Cards, you will also receive an acrylic card holder to conveniently and beautifully display them.

The optional Memorial Cards give all the information needed for a guest to visit the Memorial Website. Visitors will be able to light a candle and leave a personal message. They may also choose to read the messages left by others.

Once a candle is lit, it slowly burns down, but through the magic of computers, the candle never burns out completely. Visitors will return again and again after lighting their own candle to see who else is lighting candles and to read what others have written.

CandleEach time a visitor returns, their candle is replaced with a new full size candle. This lets everyone see who is frequenting the memorial website and gives a rough idea how long it has been from their last visit.

As time passes, the candles last longer and longer each time they are replaced. For the first month, the candles last only a week, but for the remainder of the first ninety days, new candles last a month, after ninety days, the candles lasts an entire year! This way, regular visits can be visually acknowledged and the time the candle lasts is in proportion to the average time that most people revisit. You can also optionally choose to never have the candles burn down.

Each personalized Memorial Website includes:

1. Memorial Website setup based on one of our custom templates which are derived from the Memorial Card styles shown above. This includes all web hosting fees for the life of the Memorial Website. A personalized web address will be generated to allow visitors to go directly to the Memorial.
(This is everything that is needed to set-up and run the site without any recurring monthly or yearly fees.)
2. A picture of your loved one displayed as part of the Memorial Website.
3. The obituary text or any personalized text about the memorial and your loved one.
4. Beautiful 3D candles with flames that dance, captured from a real candle burning. Unlimited candles may be lit by loved ones and each can include a personalized thought and private contact information.
(Contact information is only available to the family.)
5. Ability to send email reminders to friends and loved ones to notify them about the Memorial Website.
(Email has the style that you select above and allows the recipient to visit the Memorial Website with a single click.)
6. Optional email notifications each time a new candle is lit or when an old candle is replaced with a fresh new candle.
(Emails can be sent to you and anyone else that you select.)
7. A family only area where you can view contact information, edit or delete candles or adjust the memorials' image and text as well as set who receives the email notifications when a candle is lit or replaced.

Memorial Website - $99.95 (Suggested donation amount, but we leave the price to you )
It takes only minutes to set up a "Remembered By Us" Memorial Website! Most new customers have their memorial set-up in less than 5 minutes once they leave this page and begin the set-up process.  You enter a few simple items like the name of the loved one who has passed away and if you choose, donation information and the rest is done automatically.

Additional Options (Only available if you make the suggested donation)

 100 Memorial Cards with acrylic card holder - $49.95
                                                 Additional sets - $19.95
(Includes overnight shipping. Continental US only, no P.O. Boxes)

If you choose to make the suggested donation, w
e accept a large number of payment option including all major credit cards. Other donations can be made at any time using PayPal.


*Memorial Cards with an asterisk have micro-fine perforated edges. All other Memorial Cards have standard die-cut edges.

Memorial Cards are professional, high quality cards printed on 65Lb cover stock. Memorial Cards are shipped Overnight. Memorial Card orders received by 3pm Eastern time usually arrive the next day. See shipping details as you place the order. We do not ship for Saturday or Sunday delivery and we only deliver to the continental US, no P.O. Boxes.


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